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Controversial Former ESPN Host Jemele Hill Just Won at Life

Jemele Hill and Ian Wallace

Jemele Hill announced on Twitter that she's engaged to the "love of her life", boyfriend Ian Wallace.

“So, uh, some personal news to share … I’m engaged.”

As many of you know, Hill found herself in a bit of hot water at ESPN, when she called President Trump a White Supremacist on Twitter in September of 2017. This exchange led to Hill being suspended. She didn't think it was that serious, but ESPN thought otherwise after a ton of outcry from viewers, pundits and politicians.

Upon leaving ESPN earlier this year after her suspension, an "amicable departure" as ESPN called it, Hill is now a staff writer for The Atlantic and a co-founder of Lodge Freeway Media. She is quoted as saying... “I’ve called this my year of transition,” she wrote of the sweet image of her boyfriend, Ian Wallace, proposing. “I left a job, started a new job, moved to a new city and now … I’m engaged to the love of my life. I’m overjoyed and immensely blessed.”

Jemele Hill is once again winning in her career, and now in her personal life. Hill and her boyfriend, who goes by H. Wood on social media, went on a helicopter ride above Los Angeles the same day he proposed. How romantic is that...listen-up fellas, this is how you do it!

All the best life has to offer to the lovely couple, and a BIG congratulations!

SYDNEY CHANDLER is a Los Angeles based freelance journalist, essayist, screenwriter and producer. Sydney has written and produced documentaries, features, shorts, TV dramas and comedies. Follow her on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to find out what’s going on in her ever-changing, globe-trotting world.

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